Northern California/Nevada Emmaus Community
Walking and Flying With Christ
A Newsletter of the Northern California/Nevada Emmaus/Chrysalis Community

April 26, 2015

With the Men's Walk starting This Thursday there are still gaping holes in the Prayer Wheel.  The Women's Walk Prayer Wheel looks just as bad.  PLEASE go to the website, to sign up to pray for an hour at a time. 
Don't know what to pray for? Pray for the Walk, the Pilgrims, the Conference Room Team, the Background Team...pray that they all be bathed in the Holy Spirit. Pray that the Pilgrims are able to get the rest they need to be ready to hear the Good News from the Speakers. That the Speakers are open to the Word of God and can deliver it to the Pilgrims as God intends. Pray that the Teams serving these Walks are given the strength and stamina they need. Pray for the Clergy who will minister to the needs of the Teams and the Pilgrims. Those are just a few suggestions.  I'm sure you can come up with more. The important thing is to sign up and pray. Remember the impact of the Prayer Wheel at your Walk? Remember the feeling to try to comprehend that people had been praying for you "around the clock" while you attended your 72 hour weekend? That's to sign up!!!
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