March 2017

Northern California Nevada Community

March 2017

Remember your Walk to Emmaus?
Remember how you felt on your Walk? How much love the community of Christ gave you? You can give someone the opportunity to feel that love by sponsoring them for an upcoming Walk to Emmaus. Christ calls us to serve in
John 13:14-15 –

Now that I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

The world around us has gotten so crowded with hatred and stress. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give someone a weekend of love and service? It’s easy! Just share your experience and talk to them about the process. There is even a video on the website! Once they agree, fill out the application with them and submit it to Roxanne Moger TODAY. Share the love. Be the light. Sponsor a pilgrim! DeColores

Upcoming Walks / Flights

2017 Walks (Adults) and Flights (Youth) Walk/Flight DatesLocation ApplicationDeadlines

Team Weekend June 23-24, 2017 Rancho Cordova
Boy’s Flight July 6-9, 2017 Rancho Cordova JUNE 10 Girl’s Flight July 13-16, 2017 Rancho Cordova JUNE 10


A Pilgrim wrote after her Walk,

”…thank you for sharing so much of your time and energy to make
my Walk a miraculous and life-changing experience.”

Walk Team Weekend   September 15-16, 2017 Grass Valley

Women’s Walk .    October 12-15, 2017 .  Grass Valley

Possible Men’s Walk in the fall. Details TBA


WELCOME Our Newest Community Members

Walk #66 in Madera and #67 at Carson Valley UMC brought a group of loving women into our Emmaus

community. In Madera: Brenda Aarons, Margie Anderson, Cat Barclay, Janet Bonzo, Amanda Bulls- Stephens, Ann Butler, Rebeccah Eversall, Patty Ferrell, Ofa Haunga, Carole Hester, Jeanne Hurst, Elaine Ixcot, Jennifer Khan, Marsha Kolsters, Holly Lusk, Janice Madruga, Alice Martinez, Jan Morita, Martha Mossman, Annette Pratt, Joyce Riddle, Tammy Rustmann, Brenda Salim, Kathi Stokes, Kimberly Wight, and Lynn Wilkerson.

In Gardnerville: Mona Anderson, Sara Ballard, Janelle Berryman-Nosik, Lydia Chenoweth, Pat Crane, Maria Denzler, Krista Glover, Jo Herrera, Nancy Hill, Rachel Little, Simona MacAngus, Laura Mohun, Kathie Peterson, Mysti Rose, Francisca Smith, Julie Smith, Riley Taylor, Losa Toetuu, Sharen Topham, Sandi Walker-Tansley, and Briana Whitten. May your 4th Day continue to demonstrate God’s perfect love for you!

How Can You Help?

The Walk to Emmaus is built around you, the participant. It cannot happen unless a dedicated group of people come together to serve our Lord through their service to the Pilgrims. For me, working a Walk is as fulfilling as my own Walk, and even more FUN! You get to fellowship with an amazing group of Christians with whom you can share your life and become friends. I look forward to each Walk as a great opportunity to serve our Savior. Come on out and join us! Just fill out a Background Team application and you will be placed on a team of your choice. You may do it with a friend, or just come on out and make some new friends. We would love to have you!

Tell us about it…

Soon you will be getting a link for a very short survey regarding your feelings toward Emmaus. Please take a moment to complete it so that we can best serve our community. Be honest. We really want to know why fewer people are working in the background and sponsoring pilgrims. We are here to serve you, the community, so please tell us how we can best do that.


Community Lay Director: Carolyn Brodt
Assistant Community LD: Bob Stackhouse
Community Spiritual Director: Barbara Smith with Dawn Blundell Secretary: Helen Sturtevant
Treasurer: Rob Dunning
Emmaus Registrar: Roxanne Moger
Chrysalis Support/Literature: Caree Walker and Ellen Thomas Community Agape Coordinator: Marie Clukey
Newsletter: Mardiece Patrick
Website Coordinator: Clay Brinkman
Emmaus Support/Literature Chair: Dianne Moody
Background Team Coordinator: Holiday Manly and Kristi Dorf Dropbox: Becky Stockdale


A Note from our Community Lay Director

Community Lay Director – Update

Spring tidings to all!

My name is Carolyn Brodt and I went on Women’s Walk #30 in Modesto and had the fun of being at the Table of Joy! My experience on the Walk changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined 16 years ago and continues to change my life all these years later. I have enjoyed serving in the background on the Agape team, the Decorations team (if you know me you know this was a stretch), and my favorite background position, the Kitchen Team. I have also had the pleasure of serving in the conference room and on the music teams. Each volunteer position in background and conference room have all provided a wonderful experience and an opportunity for my faith to grow and my internal cup to be filled to overflowing. I encourage you to get involved and volunteer, you will never regret it!

Right now our community is facing a couple of challenges – a lack of pilgrims and a lack of background volunteers. Unfortunately, the Board had to cancel the two walks scheduled for May 2017. As of Monday, March 27, the registrar received zero applications for either the men’s or the women’s walks and team weekend was scheduled for April 1. The community many years ago established guidelines for the administration of the walks. The guidelines say that there must be 12 applications received by the registrar the Monday prior to team weekend. Canceling Walks/Flights is very discouraging for the sponsors, the Lay Directors and their conference room and background teams.

I want to assure you that the Board did not cancel these walks without serious discussion and deliberation. Our overall goal is to have a vibrant community and the way to achieve that is to increase the number of pilgrims and volunteers we have for each walk and make sure our community knows what is happening and how to get involved. The Board has identified action steps to improve communication with the community at large, including regular Emmaus newsletters, communication with the Methodist pastors in the region and a community-wide survey targeted for release in June.

I ask that each of your pray for our Emmaus/Chrysalis community and for our future. Please consider communicating with someone you know who is on the Board or invite me for a listening session or a Skype session with people in your 4th Day groups. I want to hear your concerns and suggestions for our community. We know the Walks/Flights can change a life and be a blessing for a community, do your part by communicating with us about your challenges and joys and your ideas about the types of support you need within your 4th Day or small Emmaus community!

De Colores!

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