May, 2014 Newsletter

Walking and Flying With Christ
A Newsletter of the Northern California/Nevada Emmaus/Chrysalis Community
May 3, 2014
SPRING WALKS ARE FILLING UP!!! Still Room for Pilgrims in the Men’s Walk
MEN’S WALKS: May 29-June 1 in Woodland, CA (9 Spaces Left)
October 2-5 in Fallon, NV
WOMEN’S WALKS: June 5-8 in Woodland, CA, (This Walk is Full)
October16-19 in Fallon, NV:
BOY’s FLIGHT July 10-13; in Gardnerville, NV
GIRL’s FLIGHT; July 24-27; in Gardnerville, NV

Scholarships for Pilgrims, Caterpillars and Workers are available. Click on ‘Applications’
Pray about who God wants you to reach out to, just as someone reached out to you.
God is Good!! The Women’s Walk scheduled for June 5-8 in Woodland is full and has a waiting list of five. If you have someone you want to sponsor, please consider the Fall Walks in Fallon, Nevada.
The Men’s Walk scheduled for May 29-June 1 has the required sixteen Pilgrims. There is still room for nine more!! Any new applications must be postmarked by May 13, 2014. If you know a man who would enjoy and benefit from a Walk to Emmaus, please check out what it takes to be a sponsor. All the information you need, plus the applications are on the website,
If you are interested in working in the background you MUST submit an application!! You can get one from the website, If you are a recent Pilgrim, you will be given priority.
Prayer Warriors are needed for the Walks during the Three-Day Walk Weekends. Your names will go on the Prayer Wheel displayed in the Conference Room to demonstrate to the Pilgrims that they have been bathed in prayer for the whole 72 hours of the Weekend. Go to the website, and click on Prayer Wheel/Scroll. Scroll down to the Northern California-Nevada Emmaus Community and choose your hour to pray.
Men’s Walk: May 31 – Candlelight – arrive at 8:00pm
June 1 – Closing – arrive at 3:00pm
Women’s Walk: June 7 – Candlelight – arrive at 8:00pm
June 8 – Closing – arrive at 3:00pm
AND June 14 – Community Wide Gathering (details below)

9:30 AM – 3:00 PM WOODLAND, CA
In an effort to make the Fourth Day stronger for the whole Community, events are being organized for about two weeks after each set of Walks or Flights. Check out the attached flyer to learn about the event scheduled for June 14, 2014. EVERYONE is Welcome!! Bring a friend!! Bring a stranger!! This is a new kind of Gathering. There will be music, fourth day talks, a potluck lunch and communion as always. But, there will also be detailed information for new community members (a refresher for current members) about sponsorship and applying for positions on future walks. After lunch there will be a concerted effort to connect current and new community members to reunion groups. As a welcoming gift to new members and guests, current members are asked to bring the potluck items for lunch.
Another Community Wide Gathering is scheduled for August 9, in Truckee, CA, after the Flights and a third is scheduled for November 1 in South Reno, NV. More information coming.
The Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis programs are not about the weekend; they are about what follows the weekend. Without strong community support for the Fourth Day, the weekend experience loses its effectiveness and the long-term continuation of the local community becomes highly questionable.
Please Pray for the Teams who will be serving on the Walks in Woodland, CA
Men’s Walk #48
Lay Director: Warren Schwegel
Board Rep: Irv Joseph
Head ALD: Steve Plocher
ALD: Curtis Mook, Bruce Burr
Spiritual Director: Pastor Jim Garrison
Asst. Spiritual Dir: Pastor Cynthia Stateman, Pastor John McCorkell,
Table Leaders: Brian Barker, Matt Cordua, Dave Heiss, Ray Alexander
Asst. Table Leaders: Jim Eychaner, Rick Hornbeck, Gordon Ulmer
Music: Ken Bley, Franc Woods, Lance Ericksen
Agape Chiefs: Alan Weinel, Barbara Barker
Decorations Chief: Liz Ulmer
Kitchen Chief:
Love Chief: Marcia Kimura
Snacks Chief:
Women’s Walk #62
Lay Director: Holiday Manley
Board Rep: George Baker
Head ALD: Lois Scott
ALD: Linda Fitzgerald, Nancy Schwegel
Spiritual Director: Pastor Dawn Pidlypchak
Asst. Spiritual Director: Pastor Debbie Grundman
Table Leaders: Sedona Cassevah, Lynn Toth, Rosa Washington-Olson, Karen Shumway, Linda Clark
Asst. Table Leaders: Sheree Walker, Rosalie Robinson, Carol Conley, Kristi Dorf, Marissa Simpson
Music: Lynda Jamieson, Carolyn Brodt, Debby Holst
Tech: Debbie Cunningham
Agape Chief: Sharon McCommas Burr
Decorations Chief: Sue Woods
Kitchen Chief: Bruce Burr
Love Chief: Marcia Kimura
Snacks Chief: Zora Fowler
Check Out the New and Improved WebsiteIf you haven’t already done so, look at the website at It is easy to navigate and is chock full of information about the Northern California/Nevada Emmaus/Chrysalis Community and all it’s happenings.
Are you on Facebook? We are too!! Both Emmaus and Chrysalis have Facebook pages. Search for Northern California/Nevada Emmaus Community and Northern California/Nevada Chrysalis Community. We love our New Best Friends!!