2015 Voting Page – Candidate Bios

2015 Nominee Statement/Bios for Emmaus Board Election



Marie Clukey:  Having had the privilege of attending Emmaus Walk #35 in August of 2003, in Gardnerville, NV, giving back to the Emmaus/Chrysalis Community is important to me. On various Walks, I have been blessed to serve in the Conference Room as well as Background. My home church is Church of the Mountains, UMC in Truckee, CA. We are all called to serve as we are able and my current circumstances allow me to dedicate time in service to the Emmaus/Chrysalis community.




Alice Hanson: I attended walk number 31 in Grass Valley. Since my walk I have worked many walks and several flights as well as sponsoring several pilgrims/caterpillars. I have served as chief of various teams and lay director for a walk and a flight. I have continued my fourth day into my church by being involved with Stephen Ministry, Youth Ministry, teaching classes and confirmation. I regularly worship at my home church and attend a reunion group. Most recently I have been involved with creating a Community dinner at our church. I have been serving on the board for 3 years and am seeking re-election.



Roxanne Moger: I attended walk #42 in Gardnerville, NV in 2005.  The Walk came at a time in my life when I had lost a job, my church had closed, and my daughter was heading off to college.  In Emmaus I found a spiritual fellowship that nurtured my faith, challenged my understanding, and encouraged me to reconnect with God, church, and community.  Since then I have given three conference room talks, worked several times on the music team, and worked in the kitchen for both walks and flights.  I have been an assistant table leader, table leader, and ALD for Walks and an assistant table leader for a Flight.  In my previous church I was a Sunday School teacher, Sunday School Director, a member of the Worship Team and secretary of the church council. In my current church I am a member of the contemporary worship team and a member of a lay team that assists our pastors leading the liturgy in traditional worship.  I also am a Stephen Minister and lead worship as needed at a local assisted living community.  I would like to see the Emmaus community reach out into non-Methodist denominations and more actively engage past participants in Emmaus community life.  I personally have experienced the transformation power of the Walk and the ongoing benefits of staying engaged in the Emmaus community and would like to see these benefits spread to other individuals and congregations.  It would be an honor for me to serve on the Board.



Mardiece Patrick:   When I became a Deaconess at Sierra Bible Church, I had to go through an interview process with the church leadership. One of the questions they asked me was, “When did you become a Christian?” Me: “I have always known the Lord.” Them: “No, when was that defining moment?” Though I have always considered myself a Christian, it was on the Women’s Walk to Emmaus #32 in Gardnerville, NV, in 2002 when I remember realizing that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus. Since then, I have sponsored four pilgrims and have served on at least 10 walks as a member of every team except Love Team and Snacks.  I have been chief for Decorations and Kitchen Teams, and served as Table Leader and Asst. Table Leader.  I’ve given two talks as a member of conference room teams. In my home church I am a Deaconess, serve on the church leadership board, and attend weekly Community Group studies. I would be honored to serve on the Emmaus Board.



Rob Stackhouse: I would like to serve on the Emmaus board. I attended Men’s walk #45 in Sacramento at St. Marks United Methodist Church in 2012. Other than getting married and having children, my walk is the best thing I’ve done in my life. My wife and I have jointly sponsored three Pilgrims. I have two more ready for the next walk. I have served on Decorations on one walk in Atwater and have helped in decorations on three other walks. I have served in the conference room as assistant table leader in Atwater and was queued up to give a talk on a walk that got cancelled (Modesto). Since attending my walk my life has changed. I have become much more involved in my home church, the United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova. I am on the AV team and work the sound board as well as support the visual needs during services. I play chimes along with others for special music. I have been a lay reader on multiple occasions including circuit events. I am on the finance committee and support the church by creating statements of giving. I am also on the Admin council where I am facilitating a series of sessions to give focus to our congregation’s special identity so as to more easily empower our disciples to attract additional members. Personally I’ve also attended two half year weekly study programs and maintain life balance. I’ve only missed one gathering since my walk. I would look forward to serving on the board in gratitude for the gift of God’s grace as delivered through the hands of the Emmaus community.


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